Guo and Zhijin Zong, Aihua Chinese Supermarket

Guo: We’ve been to Scotland…

Zhijun: We have been living in Scotland for 21 years now.  
We’re from China.

Guo: I used to work in the hospital restaurant doing the cleaning because my English was not so clear when I first came, so I wanted to 
find a job for myself.

Zhijun: I come to do study first, do my PhD in Engineering.  I did my PhD in Newcastle, at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and then 
my wife set up shop here.  Basically I’m here assisting my wife.  It’s 
my wife’s shop, yes.  We married in China but I came to the UK first.  
My wife and my son came in less than two years time…

Guo: Two years later.

Zhijun: Two years later, yes.  We have many loyal customers, they’ve been with us for the last… since we’re opening.  I think that’s the proof of the unique service we provided.  Such as the food from China, from Korea, from Japan, from Thailand, Taiwan, a lot of countries.  No other shops selling the stuff, they can 
only find the stuff in our shop.  People enjoy cooking themselves, enjoy food and they normally find the ingredients, looking for them everywhere but finally they find: “OK, you are the one who provides this.” They are happy, we are happy.

Chinese people know us quite well, local people may sometimes 
do not know, but if they saw this portrait from the exhibition 
then they know we are here.  First 
of all I think it tells a story of what’s happening in this area, to the people who see the exhibition.  To me, 
first of all, it’s a recording of my life for whatever: a photo here or a photo at home, it’s a record of life at the time.  It’s very important for 
us to have this memory.