Darren Goldsmith, Nicky Roy, Robert Uttley, Canongate Youth Proj

– To most people it’s just like a close, like, just a wee back alley and stuff, but to us it’s something that links all three of us together.
– Just because we like to wear hoodies, just because we like to go back alleyways, doesn’t mean 
we’re bad people.  If an old woman walked past and she was wondering where a place was and she saw us, she wouldn’t ask us, she’d just keep walking, because she’s intimidated by us and I don’t like that.  If an old granny walked up to me I’d be like ‘Oh sure, that place is… wherever’.
– My granny, myself, she’s no’ intimidated by me but I would hate to think that someone else’s 
grandmother is intimidated by me.
– See, it annoys me the people 
who gie us a bad name, like…
– Because of the way we dress and…
– Aye.
– Other people who act like hooligans dress that way.
– This is our culture, like, hoodies and stuff, right.  That’s like us 
going up to a mosque and being “Oh, look at all of them” just 
because they’re in the mosque or because they’re wearing certain stuff.
– It’s discrimination.
– It is discrimination… I can make friends easily.  But if someone’s gonnae sit there and judge me, see that I’m wearing a hood and cottons and just be like “Look at him, he’s 
a sixteen year old ned”, know what 
I mean.  That’s what I dinnae like.  
I dinnae think I’m a ned.
– No, we definitely don’t consider ourselves as neds.  There’s like a sort of like Southside crew, you know…
– A young crew.
– And there was like, it was called…
– YSS.
– YSS.  Which is Young South Side.
– We dinnae see each other as, like, hooligans, but other people do.