“It’s a busy community, very diverse, a total mixture of different people.”

PC Mark Love, St Leonard’s Police Station


Despite being a key university location, home to a number of significant cultural venues, situated in a Conservation Area and on the edge of a World Heritage Site, the Southside is overlooked by some as simply a thoroughfare to and from the centre of Edinburgh.


But the community to be found in the area is so much more than that: long standing residents live alongside university students, young professionals, low-income families and a diverse multi-ethnic and religious population which includes economic migrants and well established Asian, Chinese and Jewish communities.


Use the tabs above to find out more about the wide range of organisations and individuals based in and around the Southside that participated in the project.


Read more about the Causey Development Trust’s work in the Southside.




Explore the moving, inspirational and significant contribution the Southside makes to the history and heritage of Edinburgh by connecting with the organisations who participated in the project and to whose teams we are grateful for their time and energy:


8th Blackford Edinburgh Muslim Scout Group  ukmsf.org

56 North Bar and Restaurant  www.fiftysixnorth.co.uk

Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries  www.legaldeposit.org.uk

Aihua Chinese Supermarket  36 West Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9JP

Alba Flamenca  www.albaflamenca.co.uk

Arcade Architects  www.arcadearchitects.com

Backbeat Records  31 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9HE

Braidwood Neighbourhood Centre Association  www.braidwoodcentre.org.uk

Buccleuch & Greyfriars Church  www.buccleuchfreechurch.co.uk

Canongate Youth Project  www.canongateyouthproject.org

City of Edinburgh Council (Planning and the Environment)  www.edinburgh.gov.uk

City of Edinburgh Council South Central Neighbourhood Partnership  www.edinburghnp.org.uk

City of Edinburgh Council Town Centre Co-ordination  www.edinburgh.gov.uk/town_centre_management

Crags Community Sports Centre  cragssports.com

Dumbiedykes Writers Group  www.braidwoodcentre.org.uk

Edinburgh Central Mosque  www.edmosque.com

Edinburgh University Students’ Association  www.eusa.ed.ac.uk

ELS – Edinburgh Letting Solutions  www.edlet.co.uk

The Engine Shed  www.theengineshed.org

Festival City Theatres Trust  www.edtheatres.com/festival

Greenmantle Pub  www.greenmantlepub.co.uk

Inspace  inspace.ed.ac.uk

Laurence Smith & Son (Edinburgh) Ltd, Wine & Spirit Shippers  www.winesmith.biz

Leslie Deans & Co  www.lesliedeans.co.uk

Living Memory Association  www.livingmemory.org.uk

McRobb Display Ltd.  www.mcrobb.co.uk

Optical Express  www.opticalexpress.co.uk

Orthodox Community of St Andrews  www.edinburgh-orthodox.org.uk

Peter Dibdin Photographer  peterdibdin.com

Press Coffee  30 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LP

Preston Street Primary School  www.prestonstreetschool.ik.org

The Queen’s Hall  www.thequeenshall.net

Ranch Projects

Ron Butlin, Edinburgh Makar / Poet Laureate  www.ronbutlin.co.uk

Royal Commonwealth Pool / Edinburgh Leisure


The Salvation Army  www.salvationarmy.org.uk

Scottish National Portrait Gallery  www.nationalgalleries.org/portraitgallery

Southside Association

Southside Community Centre  www.joininedinburgh.org/organisation/19

Southside Heritage Group  sites.google.com/site/southsideheritagegroup

St Leonard’s Police Station / Police Scotland


Stills Gallery  www.stills.org

Summerhall  www.summerhall.co.uk

University of Edinburgh  www.ed.ac.uk



“Though this collection of portraits is a considerable representation of what it means to be a Southsider it is unavoidably incomplete, as this vibrant community undergoes continual change.  But what these photographs do offer is a slice of my own community and an essence of what it is to be part of this amazing pocket of Edinburgh.”

Peter Dibdin, Project Artist / Photographer


Our sincere thanks to everyone who generously gave their time to be photographed and shared their amazing stories with us:


Ash Ranchod  Service User, The Salvation Army Lifehouse

Brian Kellock  Jazz Pianist

Bruce Northcott  Retired Police Officer

Janet Frost, Florence Reynolds, Ellen Rillay  The Candle Lighters Gang

Darren Goldsmith, Nicky Roy, Robert Uttley  Canongate Youth Project Members

Caroline Barr  Disability Activist

Cora Dibdin  Tyre Swing Enthusiast

Dave Burns  Community Gardener

Dougie McShane  Backbeat Records

Emma Gill  Student at the University of Edinburgh

Florina Stoica  Lollipop Lady, Preston Street Primary School

George Pitcher  Community Activist

Guo & Zhijun Zhong  Aihua Chinese Supermarket

Jamie Andrew  Mountaineer and Motivational Speaker

Jim Brown  The Dancer

Ken Grieve  Retired Filmmaker

Kevin Gill  City of Edinburgh Council Gravedigger

Leslie Deans  Local Businessman

Malcolm Winning  Basketball Player and Coach

Matthew Hope  Trainee at The Engine Shed

Neil Johnstone  Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries

Patty McGonigal  Artist and Cleaner at the Royal Commonwealth Pool

PC Mark Love  St Leonard’s Police Station

Prof Richard Rodger  Professor of Economic and Social History

Robert McDowell  Patron of Summerhall

Rosie Cunningham  Flamenco Dancer

Sophia Lavranou  Member of the Orthodox Church of St Andrew

Sylvia Parker Northcott  Family Historian

Tina Picton Phillipps  Southside Resident

Dr Tony Toft  Consultant Physician and Art Collector

Vanessa Camacho  Member of the Edinburgh Central Mosque

Zakariya Sheikh and Hana Ahmed  8th Blackford Edinburgh Muslim Scout Group